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    Default Comrade Just, reporting!

    Hello comrades!

    So, I'm a left-leaning amateur author who has recently moved here from Sufficient Velocity; my move was prompted by what could only be described as an act of jackbooted oppression from the moderation staff there, even if I wasn't directly involved (having slept through the whole thing). I recently had to suffer my way through an 'approved' economics course, so I'm still rather grumpled on that front.

    Anyway, my common hobbies include writing sci-fi and fantasy original fiction, running forum games, and video games that let me build stuff. I'm hoping it's OK for me to post my creative works and forum RPs here in the Off-Topic forum, if not I'll just move on and find a different forum.
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    Hi, and welcome, CJ.

    Yeah, that's what the Social and off topic forum is for. Go nuts!

    Since this is a board for *revolutionaries*, though, do you have any take on how the world works, etc.? (Feel free to participate in the regular forums, in-other-words.)

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