Hello Rep. Keith Ellison and members of the Democratic Party,

I am now a member of the communist party. The one in particular is Party of Communists USA (PCUSA). The reason is because centralized government is the only way to solve the environmental issue - Global Climate Change. Free market environmentalism will not solve the problem.

The American founding fathers observations, in both the Federal and anti-federalist papers, could not address post-agricultural society issues concerning the plight of the American people.

We are in need of a real third party that could address the issues concretely with real answers.

The reason why people are not interested in politics and voting in particular is because of the False consciousness of consumerism and intolerant social conservatism which are both products of those on top of both parties representing the 'Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie' (The spirit of Capitalism).

Why attack capitalism? The reason is because capitalism, since the ancient Greek age, has threatened democracy with the political corrupted involvement of rich individuals and families (The rule of the 400 in ancient Greek city-state of Athens). The previous the corruption of the Aristocracy into its transformation into a modern oligarchy. The very thing Alexis De Tocqueville warned about in the last few chapters of 'Democracy in America'.

Hopefully, in the future, one of the two parties or both will disappear with the rising of the PCUSA as many others are either defunct or could not formulate a winning formula to win the hearts and minds of the American people. The Federalist Party has disappeared through simply people not voting for them anymore. We are hoping that a hard Left Turn occurs so America and the world could be saved in time.


A new communist party member.