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    Default Thoughts on Howard Zinn?

    He's a pretty famous historian for his criticism of American foreign policy. I'm wondering if it's worthwhile for me to delve into some of his writings. For those of you who have read him, is he really as he's painted to be, a historian who more or less defends those opposed to the Empire? Or is he more just in the "progressive" chauvinist camp, critical of US military presence around the world? Thanks
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    Just dive right in -- it's very accessible and 'flipside', compared to the standard Western-Civ treatment.

    Also check out Chris Harman's 'People's History of the World', in the same vein:
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    More than just his critical stance on U.S. exceptionalism, Zinn's writings are a really important part of the movement to tear down 'Great Men' ideology and re-center historical understandings on the movements/conditions of common people. A People's History is very good, and also very easy to read and recommend to others.
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    Interesting. Looks like I'll have to check him out. Thanks
    "All reactionaries are paper tigers." Mao Tse-Tung

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