[unac] Emergency Alert on Syria - All Out


STOP U.S. Bombing of Syria

Not Another War

The bombing of Damascus is underway. With no legal authority and in clear violation of international law, the Trump Administration has started its criminal attack on the people of Syria with the largest U.S. Navy task force, including U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, since the attack on Iraq in 2003. Trump and the Pentagon's criminal attack on Syria endangers us all.

It is time for all of us to express our strong opposition to the U.S. bombing of Syria and the endless U.S. wars.

Join hundreds of antiwar and social justice groups that are organizing demonstrations in:

• New York City, Oakland CA, Minneapolis, and dozens of other cities across the country on Sunday, April 15, and

• Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit and Washington DC on Saturday April 14

All organizations are urged make an all out effort to contact friends and activists through social media and other means and encourage them to join the actions this weekend and mobilize to oppose this criminal war.

See SpringAction2018.org for a list of all actions this weekend