Capitalist India kaput?

With the recent protests in India, it has led me to believe that there is a possibility of some actual change coming.

We can rightfully assume that if the protests continue at the rate they are going, not increasing in escalation, or decreasing, the ruling class will simply make a few concessions. This, as we know is a common way to appease the population, while not really conceding much, while preventing popular revolt.
However, if the protests escalated, however unlikely, we would see something that has been overdue in India for an extremely long time. The capitalist police would be completely unable to contain the hordes of protesters, practically millions. If there was a way to arm the protesters, and successfully organize them, the state of India's puppet government would be on the cliff of fully disintegrating. If this could be done, the revolution in India, which is bound to come sooner or later, will happen practically in a few weeks, a month at most. Power would have been given completely to the trade unions, and other groups, and in turn, giving the people of India the first taste of true democracy anyone in the world has ever had.
However, most likely this will not occur. The capitalists will soon be pressured into giving minor concessions, and the spark that was lit, will die as quickly as it gained steam.