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    It's great to make your acquaintance, I'm Lenore. I'm a Marxist Leninist seeking some interesting debates and conversations with other left wing oriented people. I'm a big supporter of the PSL and WWP and frequently read the material on their sites. If you have any questions feel free to ask
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    What's your opinion on Third-Worldism, and third-world socialism that isn't in line with traditional European Marxism-Leninism, such as Mu'ammar Qaddafi's Third International Theory, the New Afrikan and pan-African movements, Latinoamerican Bolivarianism, African ZANU-PF-style popular nationalism, and Maoism/Lin Biao thought? Are you dogmatically Marxist?

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    And welcome. I'm new to the site, as well.
    "There's no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively - I am one with the people." Huey P. Newton
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    I'm highly opposed to Third-Worldism. It's revisionist garbage and the Maoist variety is no better. As per European Marxism Leninism, I'd say there's no such thing considering Marxism-Leninism centers the working and oppressed masses of the entire globe. As Marxist Leninists we're proletarian internationalists, not chauvenists centering the imperialist block. As per muammar qaddafi I haven't done adequate research, however, I consider Libya to have been better off with qaddafi considering the horrors Libya is currently going through thanks to the imperialists. The others I've done little research into, however, I'm supportive of Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution. When it comes to Mao Zedong thought, I'm an adherent. I also haven't really read or studied enough of Lin biao to comment effectively. No research, no right to speak.
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    Why exactly is Third-Worldism revisionist garbage? Anticonquista actually just posted an article on this, although I can't post links yet.

    Proletarian internationalism is necessary to the global struggle, but so are popular nationalism and uncompromising anti-imperialism; as a Third-Worldist, I don't think Euro and Euro-Amerikan workers really constitute a proletarian class. They live in the first-world, and reap the benefits of the imperialist bourgeoisie pillaging resources and manual labor from the third-world. This super-exploitation allows first-world workers to have higher wages, welfare, liberal reforms, and an astronomically higher standard of living than workers in the third-world, and aligns their economic interests with the imperialist bourgeoisie. Thus, how can first-world-aligned workers, the most radical of whom champion Euro-chauvinist Marxism-Leninism and Trotskyism, hope to ever solidarize with the third-world proletariat in "proletarian internationalism"?
    "There's no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively - I am one with the people." Huey P. Newton
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    Hey, welcome.

    Here's the anticonquista article:


    It consists of Marx, Engels, and Lenin quotes to show that third worldism isn't revisionist, but that in fact, rejection of third worldism is revisionist. I'd call it dogmato-revisionism, much like Hoxhaism. The purpose of this dogmato-revisionism is to give the white proletariat of the United States and Europe a leg to stand on when refusing solidarity to the Third World as they ask for help in fighting imperialism.
    "All reactionaries are paper tigers." Mao Tse-Tung
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    Third Worldism is laughable. Because most of Third Worldists reside in the centres and are white males - like LLCO leader, Prairie Fire, or Jason Unruhe - they ridiculously forget about literally everything that goes on in places of the semi-periphery, like Eastern Europe, parts of Southern Europe, especially the Balkans, and also Russia and Caucasian countries. A lot of the world has no place in Third Worldist theory, mainly because these First World Third Worldists don't even know about these places and about the situation there, and feel guilty about white settler colonialism, and they indeed live in parts of the world where the "traditional" proletariat seems to be largely absent. But I don't know, this could also just be the effect of these "third worldists" being harshly disconnected from the actual proletariat of their own countries.

    Stop watching Unruhe videos and start
    1) getting out in the streets
    2) familiarizing yourselves with strange and mysterious places that exist somewhere over the rainbow (where the mythical Slavs, Hungarians, Romanians, Albanians, Romani people, etc. live)
    3) accept that there is no defeating imperialism within the realm of bourgeois politics.

    Also, stating that if someone doesn't agree with Third Worldism they are dogmatist, revisionist, or dogmato-revisionist is beyond comprehension. This is why we can't have nice things.

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