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    Default NHS pay offer

    Today the Guardian reported that the Tory government in Britain is offering NHS workers a 6.5% pay rise over three years on the proviso that they give up a days holiday pay which would mean a pay cut. Looks like the unions are going to try to force through the deal. Will be interesting if the workers will accept this paltry offer. If not will they either be angry enough or have enough confidence to go out on strike against the unions as well as the government.
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    6.5% isn't a pay rise in real terms(not even a "paltry" one) as the rate of inflation, and thereby the cost of living, is projected to rise at faster rate in the intervening three years.
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    What? The unions shouldn't be allowed to act without getting the approval of the workers. Isn't that who the trade union's are supposed to represent? So in theory, the workers should have to strike against the union, because the union directly represents them.

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