Thread: The real cause of the building of the wall is that latinos are not blond

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    Default The real cause of the building of the wall is that latinos are not blond

    Dear friends: I think that the real cause of the building of the wall between Mexico and USA is that mexicans and poor immigrants are not blond. If they were blonds with blue eyes, I am sure that Donald Trump and Republicans and millions of americans who identify with the blond race of the Donald Trump family would not support that wall
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    A good answer for anti-communist hockey dads if they tell you to leave the USA: "If you force me to leave USA, I will leave USA. Otherwise I will stay in your Glenn Beck country trying to help the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency who will overthrow the US government in the near future, seize state power and destroy capitalism once americans cannot endure anymore so much pain and suffering caused the free market capitalist system of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin"
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    Yes, this is exactly it.
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    I dont think they care about the wall. Only deterring eyes from their robbery of the poor.
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    Yup, pretty basic scapegoating: politicians cut the social safety net and then immigrants are blamed for “stealing” the US’s generous welfare state and ruining it. Petty-millionaires can’t fight the huge corporations that they are competing against, so it’s these “illegals” ruining the economy preventing a regional auto-dealership owner to have just millions and not billions. Etc.

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