Some of these I've scanned myself, most of the others were scanned by people I know.

A Soviet history of Europe and the Americas covering 1640-1870:

A Soviet history of the world covering 1917-1945:

USSR: (covers Soviet history from 1917-1980)

* (covers 1919-1956)
* (covers 1949-1980s)

United States: (all sorts of Marxist works on US history here)

* (entire history of Poland up to the 1970s)
* (covers Poland from the early 20th century to the early 80s, with a focus on the workers' movement followed by an analysis of the Polish state and economy after 1945 and rise of Solidarity)

* (history up to the end of WWII)
* (history of the GDR going up to 1979)



Mongolia: (entire history of Mongolia up to 1970 or so)

Central Asia: (from the early 19th century onward)

Korea: (covers 1919-1970s)

Vietnam: (covers 1930-1975)

* (focused on the rise and regime of Pol Pot)
* (ditto except also has some stuff on Cambodia in the 80s)

* (whole history up to the 1950s)
* (covers 1944-1975)


African countries (as well as Africa itself):