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    Post List of Radical Schools and Universities

    I was searching the net and the forum and i could not find a list of any radical schools and universities existing on the world. I had written some information on the few I know but i lost the text. (Now I know I should write using word and then uploading here.)
    Any way lets gather collectively information on the matter and create a list of these radical or plural schools on each subject.

    Political Economy / Economics:
    (Marxian/Marxist Economics, Ecological Economics, Feminist economics etc)

    University of Massachusetts/Amhersts: UMASS Amhersts has a pluralist department of economics which has a number of Marxists economists.

    New school for Social Research/New York: NSSR has an economics department which offers a broad and critical approach to the study of economics, covering a wide range of schools of thought, including Keynesian and post-Keynesian economics; the classical political economy of Smith, Ricardo, and Marx; structuralist and institutionalist approaches to economics; and neoclassical economics.
    Known academics: Anwar Shaikh (writer of Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises).

    School of Oriental and Asian Studies/London: SOAS has a department of economics which encourage its students to develop a proper understanding of the limitations of mainstream theory. In so doing, we place great emphasis on introducing our students to the history of economics as a discipline and, importantly, to some of the alternative, 'heterodox' approaches to economic analysis, including Marxist, feminist, Keynesian, and Schumpeterian perspectives.
    Known academics: Ben Fine (writer of Marx’s Capital), Costas Lapavitsas (writer of Profiting Without Producing: how finance exploits us all)

    University of Athens/Athens: UoA has a department of economics and political sciences which offers a pluralist coarse to economics. Though it is said to be the most theoretical school in Greece.
    Known academics: Yanis Varoufakis (Former Greek Minister), Thanasis Maniatis (known Greek Marxist)

    Can you add other pluralist or leftish universities and schools? Do you have any more information on the above mentioned?

    P.S. Other than just curious of how well marxism, leftism and radical ideas are doing in academia. I am searching for a masters postgraduate program and I would like to create a list of possible schools while helping other’s to do so.
    P.S. Post beneath any more info and I will try to intergrate it
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    Calling these 'radical' universities is misleading. There is a history of 'radical school' attempts, like the 'free schools.' These are merely normal capitalist universities, with a few academic 'Marxists.'

    For what it's worth, why not list universities with a 'Marxist' student base of Trotskyists or Marxist-Leninists or whatever? They're also a demographic in a university...
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