Sun 1/14: March for Abortion Rights--Against the "March for Lies"

This Sunday the anti-choice group “March for Life” is descending once again on Chicago. Refuse Fascism is co-sponsoring a counter-protest with Friends Who March: the March for Abortion Rights. Join us in downtown Chicago, 2pm, Sunday January 14, and bring the noise to make sure that the message gets heard: the program of the “March for Life” is now in power with the fascist Trump/Pence regime and is part of the Nightmare We Must End!

“March for Life” claims they are pro-life but they take no stance with regard to life outside the womb. They are pro-gun, pro-capital punishment and pro-war. They hold no similar rallies for victims of police brutality or when the children of Detroit are poisoned by a tainted water supply. They do not protest when President Trump threatens North Korea with nuclear annihilation. They aim to take away women’s constitutional right to reproductive choice and do away with abortion, contraception, and comprehensive sex education. And they do not care that when abortion was illegal, women died.

“March for Life” wants to march women right back to the Middle Ages

The March for Abortion Rights will voice its opposition to this right-wing group’s annual “March for Life.” Refuse Fascism will call out these anti-abortion, anti-women forces who now have “friends” in the White House, with the Predator-in-Chief and Pence the Christian fascist. The Trump/Pence regime is taking steps to consolidate fascism: a society where the Handmaid's Tale becomes reality. (See's Indicted! The Trump/Pence Regime’s Crimes Against Humanity.)

So Join Us at the March for Abortion Rights
Protest “March for Life” Chicago
WHEN: Sunday, January 14, 2018, rally begins at 2:00 pm
WHERE: Federal Courthouse, 219 S. Dearborn, Chicago
Facebook event here

Refuse Fascism Chicago Meeting
The Women's March on Jan 20 and the Jan 21 protest of the first year anniversary of Trump & Pence's installation are coming up soon. A year into the brutal ascension of the fascist Trump/Pence regime into power, plan to join the Refuse Fascism Chicago contingent at the Women’s March and demand that the Predator in Chief Trump and Christian Fascist Theocrat Pence, and their whole damn regime be driven out of power NOW--in 2018! Join us at our chapter meeting to brainstorm ideas about our contingent at both of these important events!

WHEN: Monday, January 15, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Trinity Episcopal Church, 125 E. 26th St., Chicago (at Michigan)
Facebook event here--If you’re on FB, please “join,” invite friends and share!