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    Outlined in my introduction I'm not insanely well informed on left wing politics, but in relation to base level atheism and equality prescribed by the failing Leninist regime I have devised a non complete theory based on the irony of Equality in todays society. Firstly religion, personally im an atheist, religion labels people, this singles them out and leads to discrimination e.g. acid attacks in London on muslim men and women, secondly medical terms and social terms e.g. homosexual, bisexual and gender fluid etc. Many of todays youth call for legitimacy to these terms and for these people to experience equality on a level with an already unequal society, to label someone bexause of a choice singles them out making them targets to discrimination e.g. fascist marches in the USA with homophobic messages, the same applies to religion although a personal belief it prescribes a label to something that is usually private in nature, I believe that the wants of milenial society and modernisation of churches to become socially acceptable of Equality is a broken movement as from any outset these establishments and groups label people thus making equality somewhat hypocritical as they by existence make people target for discrimination. P.s. by milenial i refer to the small but growing group of people whom glorify labels but push for equality on a mass scale based on current social standards. Please don't bash me too hard😂I'm a genuine rookie but positive feedback from fellow comrades is accepted.
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    I don't agree that labeling people in itself causes discrimination. In that case, unlabeling people would remove discrimination.

    For these groups you are talking about, labeling themselves has precisely been one way of theirs to gain recognition, to be able to demand equal rights, to highlight discriminative practices.

    The problem I see is rather that an individual can only justify their demand for equal representation, their share of common power, by making that demand as part of some group: A national or religious community, some designated minority, or what have you.

    Also, we should use terms correctly. Millennial means someone born from roughly late '80s to early '00s, nothing more.
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    Alright thanks for the insight
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    Default The irony of equality

    Yeah I think the singling out generally precedes any labels. For example, people who immigrated from Ireland to the US today can call themselves Irish or Irish-American and it’s just descriptive. But to be an Irishman in the US (or the children or grandchildren of Irish immigrants in the 1860s or 70s was not just a description but also meant to general society: poor, manual laborer, possibly criminal, and of lower moral value. It was the general fact of Irish being on one of the lower rungs of US society, prevented from full social participation, excluded from all but basic employment that created an identity of “thuggish criminals and low social worth.” Now that (outside a handful of small Irish working class enclaves) Irish are no longer singled out, being an Irish immigrant simply means you were born somewhere else.

    The importance of fighting inequality is that the working class is diverse and can not unite in a practical sense unless, at the very least within class movements, workers ease internal social inequalities - it’s like a chain with a weak link. In the US racism has always been the keystone of the class system, the barricade against strong working class movements.

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