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Donald Trump threatens to "fill up" the U.S. torture camp at Guantanamo, saying "we have to get much less politically correct." We, along with much of the world, look at the U.S. government's 16 years of unjust imprisonment of more than 700 men, the unspeakable abuse and death inflicted as well as the harm to humanity in general and strongly and loudly say NO. Close Guantanamo now!

There will be rallies marking this dreadful January 11 anniversary date in Washington DC as well as around the country. Find one near you and be there to stand up and speak out calling for an end to this horrendous crime: Boston, Los Angeles, Manhasset NY, New York City (in Manhattan) and Seattle.

From January 7 - 14 there are other events in Washington DC that are of interest to World Can't Wait supporters. Your presence is important.

In New York City, there is an incredible art exhibit of work by Guantanamo prisoners. It closes on January 26th. Try to get there if at all possible.

Also in New York City there are two events coming up at Revolution Books: an evening with Guantanamo expert British journalist Andy Worthington on Tuesday, Jan. 16. Two days later, on Thursday, Jan. 18, there will be a book talk on US empire and torture by Prof. Alfred McCoy.

Andy Worthington today:
Please Write to the Guantanamo Prisoners

I thought this was a good time to call for the first time for a letter-writing campaign under Donald Trump, who, of course, will have been in office for a year on January 20. Trump started his presidency threatening to send new prisoners to Guantánamo, but although he has not made good on his unacceptable, belligerent threat, he has, nevertheless, effectively sealed Guantánamo shut, refusing to contemplate releasing any of the prisoners still held, even those previously approved for release but still held. At the time of my last appeal, 59 men were still held, but another 18 were freed by Obama before he left office, leaving 41 men held under Donald Trump. Five of these men were approved for release by high-level government review processes during Obama’s presidency, and just ten of them are facing or have faced trials, with the other 26 continuing to be officially held indefinitely without charge or trial, subject to a review process, the Periodic Review Boards, that led to 38 of their fellow prisoners being approved for release (of whom 36 were released) in Obama’s last years on office, but which has, in their case, failed to remove them from the legal limbo in which they continue to languish.

Andy gives directions to write the prisoners.

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Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait