Thread: Forum Sunday: More U.S. threats vs North Korea. Why? What to do? [Chicago, 12-10]

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    Default Forum Sunday: More U.S. threats vs North Korea. Why? What to do? [Chicago, 12-10]

    [EmergencyResponseforUSAttackonIranorSyria] Forum Sunday: More U.S. threats vs North Korea. Why? What to do? [1 Attachment]

    Hi, The U.S. government is continuing to bring us to the brink of new warfare, possibly nuclear warfare, with North Korea. All the more reason to discuss what is going on and why, and what we can do to oppose it—DISCUSSION FORUM, this coming Sunday, December 10, 2 p.m. at the Sulzer Regional Library, Lincoln and Montrose.

    The latest U.S. actions include White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster saying on Saturday that the possibility of war with North Korea is "increasing every day.”

    Meanwhile, the U.S. is, today, Monday, beginning the largest-ever joint air exercise with South Korea, involving some 230 aircraft including F-22 Raptor stealth jet fighters.

    North Korea called this “an open, all-out provocation against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, which may lead to a nuclear war any moment.”

    Here, below, is the announcement of the discussion forum for Sunday, December 10. The leaflet is attached.

    Please come and encourage others to come and participate. We encourage you to bring your ideas and experience into the conversation. Please let us know if you think you can be there.

    (This is being sponsored by the Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice: [email protected]) [...]

    ================================================== ==

    You are invited to a discussion about the urgent problem we face :




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    It’s time for all progressive people to come together to discuss the very dangerous situation we’re in. President Trump threatens a war of “fire and fury” and to “totally destroy North Korea.” This could unleash nuclear devastation, not only in the region, but possibly ignite a nuclear world war. Let’s look at what led up to U.S. government threats and consider what we can do to try to avert this war.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Questions to think about as we consider our responsibilities as Americans:

    1) What is the history between the U.S. & North Korea –starting with the U.S. occupation in Korea after World War II (1945) and then the U.S. war against Korea (1950-53)?

    2) Why does North Korea believe it has to go all out to defend itself?

    3) Why have successive U.S. governments threatened and attacked Korea as well as many other countries that have not attacked the U.S.?

    Participants with relevant knowledge and experience will also be sharing their thoughts about the connections between domestic problems and U.S. wars, including:

    --use of illegitimate police force against African-Americans, immigrants and others –a reflection of military force abroad

    --attacks on immigrants from countries where the U.S. has interfered or waged war and killed hundreds of thousands for the benefit of U.S. corporations.

    -- loss of funds for social needs--- 62% of the Federal discretionary budget goes to the military--billions for nuclear arms--starving schools, healthcare social services, publicly-funded solar power, etc.

    All those who want to solve these problems are welcome & can expect a serious discussion of the issues.

    This Forum is sponsored by Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice: [email protected]
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    [EmergencyResponseforUSAttackonIranorSyria] Report on the forum against U.S. war on North Korea; sign the People's Peace Treaty

    As you may know, Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice organized a discussion forum against U.S. government threats of war on North Korea last Sunday. There was a good turnout and productive discussion.

    Among the points made is that Trump's threats to destroy North Korea are a serious danger that could mean another U.S. war against Korea (1950-53). The corporate owned media is not giving us North Korea’s view:

    For years and years North Korea has been calling for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula and called for negotiations. Most recently North Korea has suggested "Freeze for Freeze" negotiations. The idea is that the U.S. should freeze its war “games” that the U.S. runs at least two times each year off the coast of Korea, and that then North Korea would freeze its nuclear program.

    We Americans have the responsibility to stand with the North Koreans’ right to defend themselves, and not be fooled by any trickery or bullying that the U.S. ruling class tries to use to get its way.

    To win the battle for public opinion we have to get the truth out far and wide so Americans will be ready to oppose the U.S. government’s aggression and to defend North Korea’s right to be—it’s right to live free of nuclear threats, crippling sanctions, attempts to destroy its trade with 120 nations, and free of being demonized and criminalized by the giant propaganda machine that the U.S. corporations have created.

    Discussion at the forum included the call by a number of the participants to continue discussion and to get organized for further activity on this issue, as well as work to rebuild the anti-war movement in Chicago. If you are interested in doing that, please let us know. Among other things, we will be setting up a list-serve to have further sharing of information, have discussion, and lay the groundwork for further action against U.S. threats of war on North Kore. Also, if you know of any groups, including ones you are in, that might be interested in having discussion of this issue of the U.S. threats of war on North Korea, please let us know.

    As a last point, Veterans for Peace spoke at the meeting and urged individuals and groups to sign on to the People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea. A number of people did. To read the People’s Peace Treaty and join the hundreds across the country who have already signed, please check out:

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