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    Question Computer Security?

    How many people that read this thread will do so using a Windows 7-10 PC? How many will have an Android device? How many on an iPhone/iPad through AT&T or Verizon? Chances are it is really high. Some ideas people might read or express could be illegal or get you placed under an investigation. When I first came here so long ago I recall a thread talking about a certain celebrity capitalist being executed after a revolution. Now unfortunately he is in charge. People are trending towards fascism and corporate/government spying is at levels unseen in the past.

    The best thing one can do is find a free opensource operating system such as Linux, I feel Tails OS is probably the best out of the box for new users needing to do covert things. Use Tor Browser and/or possibly a VPN, and Full Disk Encrypt with a secure password.

    We have the NSA doing massive amounts of spying since 2013 and companies like Microsoft recording every keystroke you press. Do you really trust USA and capitalists to have your best interests and privacy in mind under Trump?
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    i think it's probably best to just not use phones/internet for sensitive communications, because that stuff can't coherently guarantee privacy of data.
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