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    Default Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

    Hey revlefters, post your stories of times you’ve embarrassed, effectively mocked or shut-down challenges from obnoxious liberals or conservatives.

    I used to have some snappy one-liners to “love it or leave it” type comments, but I haven’t had that oldie thrown at me in a while so I don’t remember my old come-backs.

    During the Iraq war I would sometimes give pro-war people directions to army recruiting offices when they got in my face.

    After patiently explaining that I did not support Stalinism or the USSR, someone once kept telling me that I don’t know communism but they did because they were born in the USSR. I just started asking about what life there was like and they said they didn’t know because they were 3 when their family left. Then I mockingly asked if there was any political repression or corruption in free-market Russia.

    I knew someone who used to just start mock-preaching nonsense about Jesus or talk about building a commune in the hollow center of the earth when confronted with obnoxious right wingers.
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    "antifa action hasn't shut down any fascist organizing events"

    "yes it has"
    "whatever they might make would never be the same as that world of dark streets and bright dreams"
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    Hahaha, aww poor willow. Nothing personal friend, but that was not a good position to take after Boston

    But maybe we should focus more on taking the piss out of liberals and conservatives, and less on eachother for future posts.
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    I like classic two birds one stone situations:

    "But if there will be no money, nobody would work!"

    "Yes... this is the point"


    "the economy would collapse if communists take power"

    "this is precisely my wet dream"
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    Haha. Very nice, especially the first.

    “Revolution? Nobody’d go to work!”

    “Well I should hope not!”

    It’s funny how some liberal folks will talk like the world runs on angel wings and good intentions/morals while conservatives will say the same but with traditions and bootstraps. Then when Revolution is mentioned they become shitty materialists.

    “How will things run? What about every minute detail of everyday life?!”


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