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    Default Join Leftypol International Chat

    We are here to introduce the /leftypol/ international discord, it is a very large chat with over 1500 members, we offer a community based off of freedom of speech, and mutual support.

    You can find us on twitter at
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    Since when is /leftypol/ not an infantile (not in that meaning) piece of garbage?
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    I have never more than skimmed /leftypol/, but since they are originators of works like this:

    I mean, not only is the message reactionary in itself, but here Nazism is reduced to simply another version of "identity politics"!! They also apparently use the term "classcuck" (get it? Like a nation cuck, only cucking your class instead).

    It used to be that fascists copied their aesthetic from the left. For the first time in history the inverse seems to be happening. Almost too sad to contemplate.

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