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    Default I need help answering some questions about starting a socialist/comunist/co op commun

    Ive asked this on 4 diff sites, and I seem to get nothing but capitalist troll answers, so I remembered this site from a while back, so I figured Id give it a try. Im serious about these questions, no, Im not sure about what exactly Im looking for,but I have a rough idea, and Im two seconds away from pulling the trigger.

    Im tired of the capitalist usury that Im seeing all around me, that I too am having to go through. Im tired of landlords shafting people stupid high amounts of money for an apartment, bills,etc.. me working my ass off way more than anyone else around me, while being way more intelligent than them, and yet I make little money compared to them, cause Im not a good capitalist.. Society, and capitalism doesnt seem to care about how much knowledge you have.. it cares about how good of a capitalist you are.

    Ive tried everything besides selling my soul to the devil and becoming the next Goldman Sachs.. and I willfully refuse to go there.

    Instead, Im thinking, if since all the idiots around me refuse to listen to better solutions to all of our problems,(that I have) maybe I need to start my own country instead. Now, I cant start a country, but I have done a lot of research and noticed that people who have this type of mentality tend to buy land and live according to how they want, up to a point (as allowed by the capitalist world around them) i.e. eco hippie communes,etc..

    Id appreciate complete answers to my questions (however not super long intellectual ones. I am quite capable of understanding your drivel, but it a waste of my time and my gold plated energy. Laymans terms are preferred. I dont need to know what the diff. between Mao's opinion on this issue is as opposed to Marx.. I need to know current reality, if you get my point)

    For the last year or so, Ive been reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy struggling to find any inspiration to do anything with my life, as far as what most normal people expect like, wife, car,etc... the only thing on my mind has been suicide. On the other hand, in the background I have had this idea that I cant get out of my head, about just starting my own commune, running shit according to the principles of "what is best for All/majority, as opposed to this individualism shit that Im living in now. That being said, there is a limit to how much personal freedom I want to shit on. Im not interested in starting a hippie commune where we all hump a tree naked while praying to Gaia.. This has far more to do with escaping capitalism from an economic standpoint, while not having the big govnt. take our money and invest it into something that the vast majority of us do not want our money being spent on.. i.e. military or giving foreign aid to other countries.

    Straight off the top I understand what a challenge this is gonna be, and a clusterfuck pain in the ass. Im fully aware of history, plus I know psychology, I know what tends to happen with most people/how they react to certain rules.

    I will have a follow up with more than likely a whole bunch of others, just so Im clear on the answer.. Im looking for wisdom.. not just someone to talk to..

    1. Let say I want to set up some sorta commune on 2000 acres (exact size is not important at first, eventually as the community may spread, yes we may need to buy more land, also whether its a commune or some sorta co op is not relevant right now, Ill get to that later on) with the intent to have possibly like minded people at first (later, my goal is to cure homelessness all over the country, and have ANY random person move in, and me help them with their drug addiction, mental issues,etc..) living together so that they dont have to get screwed over by these high rent prices, bills,etc..

    What would be a list of my first problems that I would encounter besides needing money to buy the land? Zoning laws? Lets say I wanted to either build a house for everyone (this is one of the many things I havent decided on yet) or build a properly insulated apartment complex (with nice triple pane windows/noise insulation the walls, so that way you can get peace and quiet without neighbors disturbing you)

    For example, during my extensive research, I have come across additional shit that I did not expect to encounter, although given the sheer level of human selfishness and stupidity Im not totally surprised either, I have come across several articles, where the govnt of some city has tried to build affordable apartments for the poor, and yet the local neighorsssssssssssssssssssssssss surprisingly blocked it!!!!!!! Fake apostate Christians, DO NOT WANT AFFORDABLE HOUSING, from what I could gather, it seems they are worried about their property values going down, since most poor apt. complexes are filled with drug dealers,etc (Yes, I know not all of them are drug dealers,etc).. so they are worried that nobody would want to move into THEIR apartment if they were to rent them out eventually, so they lose money! This is amazing to me! Im trying to solve homelessness, and it is the fucking Christiansssssssss fake ones, that do not want to solve shit! They are, as usual only worried about their profits!

    Would I encounter the same issue ? Even after buying the land? So logically, it would be better for me to know ahead of time if the local govmt. would allow me to build apartments for the poor (eventually) in the first place, before I buy land right? Well, thats part of my question, is there a way for me to find that out? How would I go about doing that? Obviously, logically, if I get denied to build even one house what good is buying 2 acres much less 2000 acres, if I can even live on it?

    What additional problems may I encounter?
    I dont have patience for political correctness or not swearing, so I ask of you that you get over your butthurtedness if you read something that offends you.

    2. Lest say I got approved to build whatever I want on my 2000 acres of land.

    Slightly going into the psychology part of it, as far as Im concerned at least. Would most people be happier to be living in a house with a tiny piece of land? Or a properly insulated apartment (esp. the ones I want to build, where you could possibly party in it without neighbors being able to hear you)? In your opinion?

    Based on what Ive seen in life, most people really dont care about having a house, just like they dont care about having a car. The reason they want a house is cause most apartments right now suck ass when it comes to noise insulation and or the interior of the apartments esp. places like kitchen cabinets, are cheap as shit, and there is a noticeable difference between the two.) Same thing goes for the car. They dont really have a need for a car, they have a need for a reliable transportation, preferably comfortable, where they are not being disturbed by other passengers ( the latter part IMo could be solved through educating the public to not be fucking assholes and disturb other people, or if they are mentally ill, then they need help, and have no business on the subway, they need to be in a mental asylum)

    The thing about building many houses is that eventually houses will take up space that we may need for either farming, or just other stuff like playgrounds, or soccer fields, obviously apartment complexes would be a way to go.

    What is your take on this? Which one would be better, and what would most people ***** about the least? Best use of land? And not to mention, that Im not really getting paid for this shit in the first place, Im trying to provide free housing to people to a point, so they really shouldn't be *****ing much at all.

    3. This part Ill probably have to talk about how the community sustains itself according to what economic system.. but lets start with the first two first.. Im curious as to your asnwers

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    Nothing? Did I write some quantum mechanics equation or something?
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    Maybe find others first to form and work on the project, instead of making the place first, even for like-minded people. How are you going to afford all of this? I think relaxed zoning can be found but that land is not going to be ideal for getting a job(s) in travel distance, and those places closer to areas you'd find jobs are going to have strict zoning often prohibiting trailers, tents, etc.. and having a build deadline i.e. you have to build a house to code by a certain date, even in areas most of us would consider rural.

    I think you should find others and go with the project but for those working on it, and consider other options elsewhere for housing others. There's also social centers/squats fwiw.
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