Thread: Communist Colonization and Terraforming of Bir Tawil

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    Lightbulb Communist Colonization and Terraforming of Bir Tawil

    In between Sudan and Egypt lies a 800 square mile patch of uninhabited land that belongs to no country. This land is ripe for the taking of any group that has the numbers and the might to enforce their rule.

    It is for this reason that I think we should create the Worker's Democratic State of Bir Tawil.

    Of course, if this land was actually useful, people would already own it. Bir Tawil is a stretch of desert and mountains that is dry as a bone. Colonizing this land would be difficult and the inhabitants would be true pioneers. Possible tactics for 'taming' Bir Tawil would be the following:

    - Gathering enough people and resources to begin construction.

    - Planting hardy desert plants to begin the process of making Bir Tawil more aesthetically pleasing.

    - The construction of wells to draw water from the ground for drinking.

    - The construction of small settlements.

    - The creation of indoor agricultural facilities using water drawn from wells.

    The economy of WDSBT would be dependent on imports and exports from and to the nearby countries, at least for three decades or more. Therefore good relations would need to be retained between Sudan and Egypt.
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    Man, before I read this I thought I'd seen all the possible bullshit revleft could produce

    Thanks for restoring my faith that revleft will make me wat again
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    I watched a documentary about micronations once. Was really bizarre and fascinating. A more serious answer, however, is that the struggle for communism should begin in our own communities.
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    Setting up cooperatives on colonized Arab land... what could possibly go wrong?

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