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    Default World Without Walls Global Day of Action [11-9]

    BREAKING -- World Without Walls delegation is on the ground in Palestine!

    Follow #WorldWithoutWalls & #MundoSinMuros

    Dear Chris,

    Today, on Indigenous Peoples Day, grassroots leaders from and working with communities impacted by the US/Mexico border have arrived in Palestine. The World Without Walls delegation will meet, learn from, and share with Palestinians resisting Israel’s apartheid wall in order to build together toward a world without walls.

    You can follow the delegation on social media using the hashtags #WorldWithoutWalls and #MundoSinMuros.

    Share the exciting news on Facebook and Twitter!

    The group includes journalists, students, videographers, clergy, and activists from both sides of the US/Mexico border wall, including Latinx community organizers and members of the Tohono O’odham tribe whose ancestral lands are divided by the US/Mexico border and wall. This is the same land to which Latinx migrants have been funnelled, thereby forced to cross the border under the harshest conditions and ensuring a maximum death toll.

    Before boarding the plane in Arizona, Amy Raynel Juan of the Tohono O’odham Hemajkam Rights Network shared:

    “I am looking forward to connecting two indigenous communities who are faced with militarized walls/borders that threaten our ways of life. To listen and learn and to build relationships across Nations.”

    Delegate Daniela González López, international coordinator of the Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos in Mexico, said:

    “This trip is extremely important to connect and strengthen the struggles of grassroots organizations in Palestine and against the Walls of Shame of Israel and the US that target/attack the dignity and sovereignty of the people.”

    The delegation grew from an invitation from the Stop the Wall Campaign in Palestine to US and Mexican movements fighting the border wall. As he welcomed the delegates to Palestine, Stop the Wall coordinator Jamal Juma’ explained:

    “We are happy the US and Mexican movements have accepted our invitation to come, see and share experiences in our common struggles against walls and for justice, freedom, and equality. As the Trump administration fortifies the racist border wall, touting Israel’s apartheid wall as a model, we know we have a common ground with Latinx, indigenous, and immigrant movements in the US and Mexico. We will work to join our efforts to tear down the Walls and to hold those responsible accountable for human rights abuses perpetrated along those walls.”

    From Israel’s Apartheid Wall on Palestinian land to the US wall on indigenous land at the border with Mexico, walls are ripping through people’s lives and lands, denying people basic freedom of movement, and expanding state violence and control. The connections are deep: the land being cut by the US/Mexico border wall is lined with towers patrolled by Israeli military corporation Elbit Systems, and the Israeli companies Elta and Magal and occupation profiteer Caterpillar are vying for contracts to get their hands on the wall.

    The World Without Walls delegation is just the beginning. Palestinians will join the Mexican Walls of Shame Caravan and the School of Americas Watch Border Encuentro. And, the World Without Walls Global Day of Action will take place one month from today! Hear the call from movements in more than 25 countries around the world to raise your voice for a #WorldWithoutWalls on November 9th.

    To a world without walls...

    Director of Organizing & Advocacy

    P.S. A huge shoutout to those who donated to help make this delegation a reality. The US Campaign was proud to co-lead organizing of the delegation with Corsopal, Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos, Stop the Wall, and the BDS National Committee, with support and co-sponsorship from member groups Norcal Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA), FOSNA National, American Friends Service Committee, Global Exchange, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Working for Peace and Justice: Hebron Freedom Fund.

    US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
    P.O. Box 3609
    Washington, DC 20007
    (703) 312-6360


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    hey chris can you stop spamming
    Sous les paves, la merde!
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    Legitimately, this is a potential topic of worth. Linking the every day struggles of Palestinians and immigrants, specifically Mexicans, in dealing with arbitrary borders and the state that enforces them with the revolutionary struggle to end all borders is something worth having a discussion about. In comparison to some of the far more 'liberal' emails that ckaihatsu copy-pastes, it's something far more relevant to a revolutionary discussion forum. I honestly get annoyed that Chris has presented such a topic, relevant to many people, in such a ridiculously lazy way by just copy-pasting an email without any attempt to make it more accessible and essentially reducing a topic that could potentially be worth a discussion to simple spam.

    It's fucking infuriating. All it would take would be clipping the post of all the extra nonsense like the address and the 'dear chris' - essentially everything that makes it impossible to differentiate from a bot posting advertisement spam, putting it in some quote marks to differentiate it from his own position and then adding a line to open the topic up for discussion and indicating his own thoughts like "I received some interesting news regarding organisations trying to link the struggles of Mexican immigrant workers with Palestinians facing oppression from the Israeli state. what are people's thoughts about the difficulties that workers face across the world such as these?". And I might have been tempted to respond with something about Brexit and growing anti-immigrant attitudes being far more prevalent. Instead I'm left wondering if the only active admin on the forum actually gives a shit about fostering quality discussion on a discussion forum.
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    Clearly you're just being a "discussion fetishist" (as ckaihatsu puts it). Didn't you know this discussion forum is about other things, like infracting of users who want to clear away drab copypasta so that discussions can come to fore? And about creating pretty little duplicates of emails we receive (hey, we all need hobbies), even if nobody ever even reads them (including ckaihatsu himself, it seems).

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