Thread: Can't reply to ckaihatsu approved ckaihatsu spamming thread

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    Default Can't reply to ckaihatsu approved ckaihatsu spamming thread

    The thread ckaihatsu started where he said we were allowed to discuss how his behavior is fucking over this forum is unable to be responded to by me. If he wants us to discuss it there as he claimed he did, we need to be able to respond to that thread. So therefore I am requesting that ckaihatsu fix this issue so I can talk about his spam in greater depth in a ckaihatsu approved thread.
    "I'm not interested in indulging whims from members of your faction."
    Seeing as this is seen as acceptable by an admin, from here on out when I have a disagreement with someone I will be asking them to reference this. If you want an explanation of my views, too bad.
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    Don't worry about it.

    Thread closed.

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