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    Default Greetings from Olympia!

    Greetings! Currently living in Olympia with my wife and kids and working as an electrical project manager. 10 year Navy vet, got out after becoming disillusioned with America's foreign adventures and endless wars. Starting contributing monthly to DSA last month. Came to the realization earlier this year that my views have always been more in line with the left (not liberal centrism)/socialism. So here I am.
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    "whatever they might make would never be the same as that world of dark streets and bright dreams"
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    Welcome! I think a lot of people have left wing ideas and views but just get discouraged either from experiencing movement set-backs or because there are few obvious and practical ways to push these goals. Hopefully more people like you getting involved will help contribute to building movements which will make socialist politics a viable alternative to the mainstream.

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