Thread: What is our position on the ANITFA movement?

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    Well you are more pleasant to speak with. Alt-rights political views are bad. Antifa's presence in Boston was a good thing. Although the massive amount of cops might have kept it pleasant. In Boston it was more like a "Hey mother fucker we are watching you. We are against anything that is demeaning towards any type of person. We out number you."

    For the life of me I can not understand the thought process that because someone looks different or has a different religion they are beneath anyone. Don't get me wrong though. I prejudge by appearance. It is just something I have developed throughout my years. But I do not hate because of the prejudge.

    All mass media sucks. They are no longer desiring to give us the news they give us their political opinion of what is going on. I would love a news outlet that listed only facts of events and no political affiliation.

    I think anyone taking any militant aggression towards those that have different beliefs to silence them are fascists. And BLM chanting kill white cops is not something I think is a good thing. There was a BLM march that took over a LGBT march. That was wrong. I am not a fan of BLM. Some of the organizations are good. Some are bad. Of course that is the same with any unorganized movement.

    I always liked Gandhi way more than Malcolm X.
    so i am struggling between wanting to point out the obvious trolling and wanting to ask you if you are the stupidest person in the god damn world
    "I'm not interested in indulging whims from members of your faction."
    Seeing as this is seen as acceptable by an admin, from here on out when I have a disagreement with someone I will be asking them to reference this. If you want an explanation of my views, too bad.
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    I am assuming you ran out of things to say but feel like you have to reply. So the only thing you could think of was calling me the "stupidest person in the god damn world". Of course anyone with different beliefs are stupid.
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    Maybe didn’t run out of things to say, maybe just speechless.

    The false-equivalencies are kind of shocking.

    If BLM got what their stated goals are what would be the result? Cops not shooting or profiling people, police reform and at the more “militant” end, disbanded police.

    If Antifa reached their stated goal what would be the result? The far-right is unable to intimidate people by marching through communities threatening immigrants, women, the left, etc... the anti-speech nightmare society that was the US in 2015!

    If the alt-right got their stated goals: trans people would be silenced, immigrants removed from universities, date-rape is not “real rape”, vigilantes can shoot black people for threatening activities like playing music in a car. At the militant end: “white ethno-state” which would require mass patrician or ethnic cleansing.

    There is no real equivalency despite what the liberal and conservative press claims.

    So the question of punching NAZIs is really a tactical question of how do we prevent a movement like that from gaining ground. I don’t think one-on-one confrontation is the strongest tool in the shed, but it’s a strategy disagreement. There is no equivalency between Antifa or BLM or Occupy and the alt-right. There isn’t even equivalency between conservatives and the alt-right even if some views might overlap.
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    Funny Che Guevara would say that, though nothing against him.

    The main goal of the antifa movement, is to show opposition to the new far right movements. As the far right movement is obviously backed by the elites(then of course the government), because it widens the divide, of course we should fight back! If we didnt, the white worker would easily fall prey to their propaganda. However, with antifa, it shows the workers there is an alternative.

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