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    Found this forum by accident while studying for an essay I'm doing on (My) Syndicalist Theory, figured I may as well stop by, say hi and maybe try and get into discussions about some other people's ideological theories.

    I came across Syndicalism courtesy of a Political Compass and after having a look at DeLeonism and reading into Daniel De Leon... I came to the conclusion that while DeLeonism was not what I identified with, I felt like it was the closest I had found. Now, 3 years on from that, I'm attempting (With little success) to write a manifesto for potential Syndicalist Party and seen as this seems like a good place to gather more ideas and debate some of my own... well I guess I'll be here to stay
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. It's interesting that you consider a syndicalist 'party' to be a thing, considering historically syndicalists have eschewed traditional party organisations. However, I would like to hear more of your thoughts, it will hopefully bring us another unique perspective. If you ever write up that manifesto, post it in the Theory section.
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