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    Default Hello Again!

    Hey all! It's been a while, so I figured a re-introduction might be worth while.
    I'm an anarchist, heavily influenced by autonomist marxism, "North American" Indigenous struggles, and some elements of the more unorthodox New Communist Movement (class suicide, critical analysis of "whiteness"). I'm a member of the IWW and a small anarchist formation called Autonomy East.
    I'm on here again with hopes of a) networking with other folk, particularly anyone in Atlantic Canada (or ambitions of visiting), and b) to help flesh out thoughts for some panels I'm slated to speak on and reviews I've been asked to write.
    PMs much appreciated.
    The life we have conferred upon these objects confronts us as something hostile and alien.

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    hey welcome back again
    "whatever they might make would never be the same as that world of dark streets and bright dreams"
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    Welcome back, glad to see some old faces.
    Modern democracy is nothing but the freedom to preach whatever is to the advantage of the bourgeoisie - Lenin

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