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    Talking Hello Comrades

    Hey guys I stumbled on this place through a reddit link from r/Socialism, Im living in Ireland and Im 18, and have only gotten into leftist politics in the last year thanks to a Leninist friend of mine and partially thanks to Sanders' campaign, which I am now much more to the left of. I am still unsure on a tendency but Im in no rush to pick one either, Ive read mostly James Connolly, Noam Chomsky and also the basics like the Manifesto and am trying to make my way through Kapital at the moment too which is.. Easier said than done lol.
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    Hey, and welcome. You're definitely off to a good start, given your age. I'd be interested to know if you feel like you have a *grasp* on the subject material of 'Kapital'. Participation in discussion over the *concepts* of (Marxist) political economy can go a long way, and of course reading the source material is the best.

    As far as tendency goes, I'll make a suggestion: You may want to consider the *scale-context* of whatever's being addressed -- meaning that I've found different political orientations (Trotskyism vs. anarchism, for example) tend to cover different *scales* of political ground, with anarchism being much closer to the everyday ground-level, while Trotskyism is more concerned with *overall* dynamics of struggle and post-class collective administration.

    Again, welcome, and we all hope that you find RevLeft to be a good social environment for your next political steps.
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    Hi Comrade,

    If you are going through The capital by Karl Marx, try the study guide prepared by RevLeft.. It makes the reading more enjoyable

    In solidarity

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