Thread: 1917: Marking 100 years since the Russian Revolution [London, Nov. 4]

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    Default 1917: Marking 100 years since the Russian Revolution [London, Nov. 4]

    International Conference

    1917 - 2017 Russian Revolution Centenary: Marking 100 Years Since the October Revolution

    London, 4 November 2017

    The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the course of human history. From the Tsar’s fall in February to the overthrow of the provisional government in October, ordinary Russians took centre stage in one of the great political dramas of the modern world. This autumn, the Russian Revolution Centenary Committee marks these momentous events 100 years on.

    Our international conference “Russian Revolution Centenary — Marking 100 years since the October Revolution” will be taking place at Congress House in London on Saturday November 4. Speakers from across Britain and around the world will gather to discuss the political, historical and cultural legacy of 1917.

    Book tickets here:
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    I don't plan on paying to go to some conference but I'm definitely going to get hammered and sickled and paint the town red.
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