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    Default What Should I Do With My Life?

    So I'm in High School and very close to graduating. I'm taking 3D Game design classes for credits and I go to a alternative school. I just don't know what I want to do after high school career wise and I need some advice or recommendations. I was maybe thinking about going into carpentery and joining a union, but I don't know. Another Career which is the one I really want is becoming a political Author, and working in my own private environment. I don't want to slave away and work for some corporation or some Hardass Boss, I am a person who likes to work alone in my own time. And considering that I'm a very opinionated person I thought I could become a writer and publish books on Marxism or on things like that. What do you guys think I should do? Do you think I should go for some normal Worker job? Or become a political writer and contribute to our cause because I would like to maybe start my own website as well on the side.
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    I really admire your passion, my friend, but I'm just gonna say that becoming a political writer and getting paid enough to afford rent is a challenge for sure haha. And, yeah, the thought of working for a shitty boss might be soul destroying (I can tell you from experience that, yeah, most jobs are shite) but in the current society we live in you need money to buy booze and put a roof over your head. The route to getting paid for writing political stuff is either to go the academic route - in other words, work up to a phd and then start teaching and have your stuff published in academic journals etc - or luck out with a magazine/party organisation that are willing to help you buy food for your thoughts scrawled on paper.

    You shouldn't want to go into a trade unless you actually want to do that shit or else you'll be sick of it pretty soon after but at least it'll be steady income better than retail/customer service sort of work a lot of folks end up with.

    Also, pro-tip for life: don't ask for career advice on a forum haha.
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    Lol thanks for the advice! I think I'll go down the 3D game design road.

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