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Thread: Forces of Production

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    Default Forces of Production

    I'm trying to give some structure to the idea of how the productive forces of society come into conflict with the social relations of production (property rights, mostly). But I need to start by listing the modern forces of production.
    I am thinking of robots, computers, international airlines and ocean freighters, satellite communication, nuclear power, green energy. also fossil fuels, etc.

    How do the forces of production begin to expand faster than the relations of production thus leading to a social revolution if the markt forces cannot keep pace with the advance of productive forces.
    in 2008 economic production was able to produce housing and "package" them for sale. The forces of production, home building, mortgage preparation, were all in excess of previous housing bubbles. There were too much home building, too much and too rapid mortgage processing, too much cheap credit. All leading to the crisis.

    can anyone give me three or four examples of what you wouid classify as forces of production.
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    I'd say you answered your own question already.

    Those who normally couldn't afford housing loans were given credit for subprime loans even though the risk of default on repayments was too great for them. So, economically speaking, there was *overproduction* of housing, compared to the financial means of (subprime) borrowers to *pay* for that housing. (And this doesn't even begin to address actual unmet *human need* for housing whatsoever.)

    So while the 'forces of production' were more than adequate -- the technology and capacity for producing housing use-values -- the *social relations* of production ('private property') (means of repayment) of those borrowers was inevitably *insufficient* to sustain the required economic velocity going-forward.

    This, as far as I'm concerned, shows that the dynamic of capitalism *requires* scarcity for its functioning, even if it has to happen *artificially*, by not-distributing housing to those who need it according to humane standards. By ultimately *excluding* subprime borrowers who need housing, the overall regime of market pricing / exchange-values is maintained by economically *limiting supply* of that empirically-needed housing commodity.

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