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    Default Discussions I have found useful/interesting

    I was making this list for my own use but I thought I may as well share it here.
    It's a list of links to RevLeft threads which, over the past year or so, I have found particularly interesting, challenging and enlightening.
    Most of these threads are the debates that various users have had with Rafiq over various topics.
    Please if I have missed some awesome stuff let me know and I can add it here.

    On an emergent fascism:

    On anti-Semitism:

    On religion:

    On anti-feminism:!!

    On animals, pets and nature fetishism:

    On veganism:
    “Actually animals do not 'feel' anything. The fundamental experience of feeling is meaningless outside of its symbolic registration. This means, only subjects feel. What we call feeling occurs between the crevices of the symbolic and the pre-symbolic universe, or the real. In other words, feeling emerges not purely out of physiological reflex, but between the gap of physiological experience and its symbolic registration. This applies to every other sensuous experience of men and women. Animals do not feel anything, like machines, they elicit certain physiological responses in relation to external stimuli, like a machine or a computer. But it actually ends there. It ends there and is purely hollow - there is no meaning to it, there is nothing underneath it. There is nothing underlying the suffering of a cute little puppy, it is a machine-like response to external stimuli, it is not felt.”

    On climate-change and eco-fetishism:

    On the family:

    On the Cheka and the Bolsheviks (towards the end of the thread):

    On Syriza (Greece) and the EU:

    Corbyn, Syriza & revolution today:

    On anthropology:

    On Marxism and communism:

    On discussion groups (a particularly interesting thread IMO):

    On science and the universities:

    On economics:

    On political organisation:

    On morality:

    On Slavoj Zizek, philosophy, politics etc.:
    “Populism persists because as a result of the dying bourgeois democracy and the rise of neofeudalism, there remain dying and doomed classes - the 'middle class', the small business owners being displaced, the national bourgeoisie and even the factory workers who have held a steady-job. With populism all classes are united against the oligarchs. However, insofar as it is populism, all classes within it are doomed except the proletariat, all classes that constitute the 'populi' are doomed to the same fate as the slum-dwellers, the precariat, the new proletariat. Without an orientation of the populism toward proletarian class struggle, it will inevitably orient itself toward Fascism and compromise with the oligarchs. Which is pretty much what happened after 1848 and why Social democracy after that was so keen on demonizing the German bourgeoisie for being so compromising toward the aristocracy, for betraying 'the people'. This is why the democratic struggle is so important today: Corporations are already like governments, except they are outside of democratic/political accountability. Politicizing the economy is the only kind of class struggle right now, and that's exactly what Syriza did when it stood up to the technocrats in Brussels.”

    Dialectics (pretty dense):
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    Witnessing Rafiq's utter annihilation of Uswasa was glorious. I absolutely loathe those worms who equate men's issues with what women have to face daily, the rise in anti-feminism in the 'skeptic community' reveals to us all that these 'skeptics' are nothing but indifferent and apathetic, only willing to muster up passion to defend their privileges.

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