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    Default We will protect freedom!...But first we rest...

    An interesting text of a leaflet printed in the time of the Russian revolution:

    "For freedom! We will protect freedom with our labor!

    Comrades Workers!The enemy is not sleeping.Day and night he forges his weapon...He hopes he can take advantges of our holidays,and of a break from work at the factories that produce shells and weapons.

    Will the worst thing happen?

    No,no comrades,now it is not the time to celebrate.Another week without work and it will be too late. Say no to holidays.Rest for three days and be back again working at the machines".

    Those fools who call themselves "non-authoritarian left" are very fond of discussing "workers' self-governing". They also denounce Stalin who crushed this system of self-governing. Now look at this: here's a case "workers' self-governing" in all its glory. Soldiers are sitting without weapons and shells. Now it's not the time to celebrate! A terrible thing will happen." We should help our comrades in the trenches! We will rise all as one! But first we rest for three days - and back again to the machines.

    And some more quotes.

    From the memories of N.K. Krupskaya:

    "I remember one case.A woman came to me once to the People's Comissariat for Education...I asked her what kind of shift she works..."no one is working for today" - she said."Yesterday we held a general meeting to discuss all the business.Well,we voted not to work today.We are the masters now!"

    Yeah, we, the workers, are now the masters. If we want - we work, if we do not want - we do not work. But even if we do not work, we still get our salaries:

    "The head of the trade unions Tomsky in May,1918,lamented the critical decline of the productive forces,and sadly recognized that the worker "becomes a pensioner of the state,a parasite living at someone else's expense".

    And here is the iron step of stalinism 10 years later:

    "Labor discipline is violence directed at the worker,I protest against the labor discipline...Do not believe these fanatics who go around and preach, they will lead us to our death.Cursed is he who sweats on a government work."

    IMHO: workers' state is a state that acts in the interests of the workers, and does not indulge their immediate desires.
    Any anti-communist is a dog. - Jean-Paul Sartre.
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    I generally feel that one should separate the necessities of the Civil War where the soviets had to defeat the forces of reaction from the relative peace achieved once the Civil War had been won. And although anarchists might have a different analysis of the period in contemporary times, they were equally willing to recognise the need for discipline in order to ensure the revolution was victorious. For example, from Antonov-Ovseyenko's work on the Civil War:

    The problem was particularly serious with the cellars at the Winter Palace. The Preobrazhensky regiment, which had been put in charge of guarding them, got drunk and became quite useless. The Pavlovsky regiment, our sure revolutionary shield, went the same way. Teams of solidiers were sent, picked from various regiments: they too got drunk. The workers’ committees attempted no further resistance. The crowd had to be dispersed by armoured cars, whose crews were soon reeling too. By nightfall it had become a wild orgy. ‘Let’s drink up the Romanovs’ leftovers’, they said gaily in the crowd. Order was restored in the end by sailors fresh from Helsinki, men of iron who had been more used to killing than to drinking. In the suburb of Vassili-Ostrov, the Finland regiment, which was led by anarcho-syndicalist elements, decided to shoot the looters on the spot and blow up the wine-cellars.
    Obviously there were all sorts of elements during the Civil War that recognised what needed to be done to survive. Trotsky put forward the idea to militarise labour during this turbulent period and many factory councils voted in favour of his proposals and his plan was even endorsed by the anarcho-syndicalist publication/group Golos Truda. But every socialist worth their salt should recognise that workers control is the essential component of socialism, not control over the workers, and when the chaotic period was over steps should have been taken to increase workers participation in the party and the state and to essentially work to increase the standard of living and happiness of all workers. Instead we had the discipline of Stalin.
    Modern democracy is nothing but the freedom to preach whatever is to the advantage of the bourgeoisie - Lenin

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