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    That still doesn't mean that your faction's opinion is *correct*.

    As I said before, if some posts in the News & Ongoing Struggles subforum don't appeal to you, then skip them. They're for someone else, not you, and you're not addressing the content anyway.

    What you *don't* get to do is to impose your personal subjective preferences on the rest of the board, over every little practice that you personally happen to not-connect-with.

    *Your* behavior shows you and your faction to be *self-centered* to the point of imposing your own subjective views on everyone else here, through your sought-after changes in board policy.
    Board policy against spam already existed and what you're doing is spamming. I post in news and ongoing struggles and don't want to see news that is relevant to communism/anarchy getting bumped down off the page by your spam, or to have new users think that this forum is basically a dumping ground for inconsequential news about liberal gatherings. Why haven't you ever posted about a topic that became relevant to communism/anarchy? You posted some liberal stuff about phoenix but when the police attacked the demo and people protected each other and there was a significant clash you were off making more liberal news posts.
    "whatever they might make would never be the same as that world of dark streets and bright dreams"
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    No, *you* knock it off -- my stance is that your faction is going on far too much over trivialities.
    Holy shit, argument capability of a third grader here.

    "Stop doing that"-everyone
    "NO YOU STOP"-ckaihatsu

    The problem isn't that it's trivial, it's that a ckaihatsu is bombarding this forum with spam content that is NOT revolutionary and clearly has no interest once they become revolutionary. Then he tries to manipulate and lie his way through every other user who calls out how he acts shitty- the direct lies he tells are indicative that he should not be an admin, or even a member of this site.
    "I'm not interested in indulging whims from members of your faction."
    Seeing as this is seen as acceptable by an admin, from here on out when I have a disagreement with someone I will be asking them to reference this. If you want an explanation of my views, too bad.
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    In all seriousness who the hell is responsible for making him/Rafiq admins and can they please come explain the rationale behind it?
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    In all seriousness who the hell is responsible for making him/Rafiq admins and can they please come explain the rationale behind it?
    I think it was Sentinel and liberer, and that they did it because those were the most active long-time users on the forum at the time. They were trying to gin up activity, but in typical fashion didn't realize that rafiq hasn't even made a political post in about a year.
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    Okay, this has far outlived its usefulness.

    Thread closed.

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