BREAKING: Strike at LA Ports!

Dear Chris,

Will you join me on the picket line?

Iím one of thousands of low-wage truck drivers at the Port of LA who haul cargo for global corporations like XPO Logistics and Cal-Cartage. These companies have huge contracts with the U.S. government, but drivers like me are still paid less than the minimum wage, even though we work full-time. Thatís wage theft.

Thatís why weíre going strike to fight wage theft -- join us LIVE on our virtual picket line!

We have pay to rent our rigs, pay our own payroll taxes, and even pay for our own insurance and gas. Itís highway robbery, and USA Today called it ďmodern-day indentured servitude.Ē

To add insult to injury, when we get sick, we get thrown on the scrapheap. Two years ago, I suffered a stroke and a heart attack from overwork. When I couldnít afford to make my truck payments, I was fired. I lost all the money I paid into my truck and the ability to support my family.

USA Today called the system "rigged," but it doesnít have to be this way. Politicians can stop law-breaking corporations that abuse their workers from operating on public property like the Port of LA, or from receiving taxpayer dollars in contracts.

We just have to make politicians do the right thing.

Striking drivers need you to join us on our virtual picket line! Click here to stand with us LIVE at 11:05am PT/2:05pm ET, or anytime afterwards.

Thank you for showing your solidarity,

Manuel Rios
Truck Driver at the Port of LA

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