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Thread: Being a Communist as an adult

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    Let just stop here and live and let live. I think its best I solve this one on my own as its connected with personal problems (i.e. depression) that won't be solved in the course of a thread. It wasn't my intention to unload on you or anyone else on Revleft but continuing down this route would be unfair and selfish. We may disagree but nonetheless thanks for your input.

    I won't press any arguments if you're just not up to doing conversation, but please keep in mind that reformism is *counterposed* (mutually-exclusive) to revolution, so if you're not for one then you're for the other.

    Regarding the physiological thing, there's no way to 'think' your way through that, so I'll recommend the following treatment:

    Depression - Rife Frequencies

    (Only the audio portion is significant -- you can keep the volume fairly low and play music on top of it as well -- try multiple times consecutively.)
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