Thread: Looking for Photo of Strom Thurmond/Helms/Byrd

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    Default Looking for Photo of Strom Thurmond/Helms/Byrd

    I am looking for a photo of Strom Thurmond (I think it was him) meeting and shaking hands (they may not have been shaking hands, maybe just exchanging pleasantries) with another racist octogenarian/nonagenarian politician (Jessie Helms or Robert Byrd?) in the halls of the Senate while both of them were in wheelchairs/mobility chairs.

    For me it has always perfectly encapsulated the need for term limits and I can't seem to find it. I think it was originally published in the NYT. Probably from the 2000-04 timeframe

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    if anyone can help me track it down I would greatly appreciate it thanks for any help you can provide
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    Is it this one with John C Dennis?

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