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    Default The all new RevLeft forum structure

    A fresh new start with a streamlined forum

    There are now noticeably fewer forums on RevLeft, part of a process by the Admin Team to modernize [modernise] the board. We're concentrating discussions and community in a few core areas instead of a multitude of less frequented ones.

    Capitalist crisis and rising class struggle brings us back to the essentials of what we do, so we're letting go of the superficial to address only important topics in a more focused way.

    The Theory forum is for all discussions on revolutionary philosophy, theory, and strategy, while News & Ongoing Struggles is for information about major events in a rapidly changing world situation with increased levels of struggle.

    Questions should be asked in the Learning forum, now a subforum of Theory.

    The Praxis forum and its subforums cover the concrete topics of upcoming events, anti-fascist actions, combatting discrimination, and how to get active in a revolutionary organization [organisation].

    Social & Offtopic is for discussion of sciences and the environment, philosophy, sports, and miscellaneous topics, along with general socializing [socialising] and non-serious threads. If threads on these topics are more directly connected to revolutionary politics they will be moved to the main forums. Social & Offtopic has an Introductions subforum for new member introductions, and a Cultural subforum for cultural issues.

    Opposing Ideologies is for those opposed to revolutionary leftist politics, and has the subforums of OI Learning and Religion. Fascists are not allowed to post here or on the site at all.

    Please do not hesitate to contact a Mod or an Admin if you are unsure where to post a thread!

    Those opposed to revolutionary left politics may also in the future only post in Opposing Ideologies, Cage section.

    Please do not hesitate to contact a Mod or an Admin if you are unsure where to post a thread!
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    so the economics subforum is gone now?
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    Not for yoooou, you cute widdle puppy -- !!

    x D
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    it could probably just go in "theory"?
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    that's where it was before iirc but it's not there anymore
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