180,000 people want PayPal to stop discriminating


Wow. This is what it’s all about.

Yesterday, myself and 60 concerned community members gathered at PayPal headquarters in San Jose to call on PayPal to provide Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza the same services that it offers Israeli Jews living in illegal settlements.

It was a beautiful and diverse coalition including South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace, Rebuilding Alliance, the Green Party of Santa Clara County, American Friends Service Committee, the Culture and Conflict Forum, local politicians and businesspeople, and SEIU USWW, the union that represents the subcontracted janitors who clean PayPal’s offices.

This kind of coming together is how we win.

Here are some pictures from the event, and you can watch the live feed of the action here.

We delivered online petitions signed by more than 180,000 people around the world, demanding PayPal put an end to its discriminatory practices and meet the urgent economic needs of Palestinian human rights activists, web designers, and entrepreneurs who are already suffering from decades of occupation, economic blockade and suppression.

PayPal, and Silicon Valley in general, want to be seen as an equitable and high-minded hub of innovation. But the truth is, if they wanted to solve this problem, they could. In a brief exchange, PayPal representatives acknowledged the issue, but still refused to make any concrete commitment to change, just as they have done for more than two years. PayPal representative Justin Higgs had this to say:

"We're assessing the business opportunities there, and it is something that we're looking at... We’re looking at things, and we’re having productive dialogue with all the key stakeholders, and we promise that we’ll continue to do that. That’s all I can say at this point in time... Unfortunately, we can't make any commitments."

This refusal is not only immoral- it’s bad business, putting PayPal at risk of being boycotted and targeted by international bodies pursuing implementation of international law. And they can keep trying to dodge the issue, but as we told PayPal after an hour of speakers, chanting, and songs, “We’ll be back!”

In solidarity,


Granate Sosnoff
Communications Strategist

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