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    Default Hello people

    I grew up in the USSR and will fully support its return. Hope to get to know some of this community, over the coming months. (apologies for bad English)
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    Welcome to the board! RevLeft is currently in a process of revival after a more quiet period. Please don't hesitate to comment in the active threads - or start some of your own, about your local situation or anything else you come to think of

    The fall of the USSR was a tragedy and a disaster both for the peoples of the former Soviet republics, and for the global workers' movement. But as Ted Grant, the founder of my political organisation the IMT (International Marxist Tendency) used to say, it was simply a prelude to a much more important event that is to come soon: the fall of capitalism.
    I am a communist, love from top to toe. Love to the child that is born, love to the progressing light. -- Nazim Hikmet
    Farewell comrade Edward Clark, aka redstar2000 (1942-2011). RevLeft will never forget you.

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