In this moment, Black and Brown people, immigrant communities, the economically unstable, women, children, the disabled, the LGBTQ community, those working to protect our right to work and those fighting for our right to clean air and water, are all facing attacks because a minority whose values are rooted in white supremacy, division and hatred have taken power.

That’s why we’re going #BeyondtheMoment*. This May 1st and beyond, we are calling on you to join us in taking bold action in solidarity across movements.

We’re asking you to join our brothers and sisters at The Movement for Black Lives and their partners in the streets on May 1st.

If you believe that #BlackLivesMatter, if you know it in your heart that we must protect transgender communities, if you are ready to fight back Islamophobia, want to end mass incarceration, and understand womens rights are human rights, then join us at United We Dream. We want to go on this journey of justice for ALL with you, and that starts now!

Sign up to participate in a May 1st action near you and go Beyond The Moment!

Although in power, hate is not the majority. People who believe in freedom, justice and the humanity of all people are the majority, and we’ve had enough. We won’t stand idly by and watch our communities be attacked and torn apart.

See you in the streets on May 1st!

Eli and the rest of the team at United We Dream

*About the Beyond the Moment Movement
Fifty years ago in Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech he called for us to confront “the fierce urgency of now,” and demand that this country “undergo a radical revolution of values.” In doing so he expanded his civil rights platform. On May 1st we will go beyond moments of outrage, beyond narrow concepts of sanctuary, and beyond barriers between communities that have much at stake and so much in common. We will strike, rally and resist. Our aim is to build a mighty movement of all people dedicated to freedom. That means we don’t deny our differences, we embrace them and build a movement bold, broad and big enough to include our many realities.

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