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    Default Fascism is spreading
    White Supremacist Who Traveled to New York to Murder Black Men Followed Extremist Racist On-Line Groups Who Support Trump
    A white supremacist who traveled to New York City to kill black men subscribed to numerous neo-Nazi, anti-feminist and far-right conspiracy theory channels on YouTube, according to what appears to be his personal account on the website.James Harris Jackson stabbed a black man with a sword on the street in Manhattan on Wednesday, March 22, in what he admitted to police was an intentional hate crime. Jackson, who is from Maryland, told police he is a member of a white supremacist hate group.
    Jackson had traveled to New York with plans to kill black men in relationships with white women, but wound up targeting a homeless man in an act of terrorism. Jackson says he carried out the attack to "send a message" and claims he's written a racist manifesto.
    On what appears to be Jackson's personal YouTube account, he subscribed to a variety of fascist YouTube channels, many of which support President Donald Trump and other far-right leaders and circulate anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. His subscription list is a who's who of alt-right figures, including Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Ray Ramsey and many more.
    Jackson subscribed to the channel for the National Policy Institute and Radix. The former is the white supremacist organization founded by neo-Nazi Richard Spencer (who led a "Hail Trump" chant at a white supremacist conference last year), and the latter is the fascist journal Spencer publishes.
    Openly neo-Nazi channels Jackson subscribed to include Cybernazi, Politically Incorrect and Esoteric Truths. He also frequented many racist, anti-Semitic, white nationalist and anti-feminist channels.
    Jackson did not upload any videos onto his channel, but he did recently favorite racist videos, including two titled, "Is It Time For Whites To Start Voicing Their Displeasure With Black On White Crimes?" and "Blacks Know That Blacks Are Violent So Why Does The White Media Pretend They Are Not?"
    The channel was uncovered by Internet detective @HenryKrinkIe, a leftist Twitter user who hunts Nazis. KrinkIe previously uncovered the white supremacist website and manifesto left by neo-Nazi Dylann Roof, who massacred nine people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina in hopes of starting a "race war." Roof said in his manifesto that he was radicalized by far-right white supremacist websites.
    Krinkle was able to uncover Jackson's YouTube channel through some master sleuth work.
    Media reports noted that Jackson served in the U.S. Army for four years and was deployed to Afghanistan. Using this information, he was able to track down his LinkedIn profile, where Jackson included a copy of his résumé, which has his email address. When one searches this email on Google, only one result comes up: a Russian hacking website which posted the personal information of video game players. The webpage showed that Jackson played the video game "Assassin's Creed II" on PC, and used barris417 for his username. Type in barris417 on YouTube and an account with the name James Jackson pops up.
    This attack is part of a massive surge in hate crimes in the past year, with the rise of far-right politicians like Donald Trump. In January, white gunman Alexandre Bissonnette massacred Muslims praying at a mosque in Quebec, Canada. His social media accounts and testimonies from classmates showed Bissonnette was a white nationalist, anti-feminist and staunch supporter of Trump, Marine Le Pen and other far-right demagogues.
    Ben Norton is a reporter for AlterNet's Grayzone Project. You can follow him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.
    Is it just me or reaction is gaining disturbing (even more) amounts of prevalence both on and offline? Are there people out there who still claim they are just a laughable loud minority?
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    This has been my fear for quite some time. As time goes on, these fucks are getting more prevalent.
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    Yeah, and the worst racists are the closet-racists, closet-nazis, that do not harass blacks and non-white people, but they use their voting power to vote for racists politicians

    Is it just me or reaction is gaining disturbing (even more) amounts of prevalence both on and offline? Are there people out there who still claim they are just a laughable loud minority?
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    But don't worry, this is good news for the radical leftists. Because there is a theory that says that the more enemies a person or an organization has, the more powerful that organization or person can be. Life without enemies would be too boring

    This has been my fear for quite some time. As time goes on, these fucks are getting more prevalent.
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    So, Marine Le Pen is not the President of France, but now is not the time to breathe a sigh of relief. A centrist former investment banker who just appointed a conservative PM has absorbed "socialists" into a broad mainstream coalition. Le Pen herself can not be dismissed as a "fringe candidate."

    Whether it's Antifa, or a self-proclaimed people's militia, something needs to happen. Obviously, socialism is the most permanent solution to fascism in the long term, but we need something to stop them in the short term.
    "I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will." - Antonio Gramsci

    "If he did advocate revolutionary change, such advocacy could not, of course, receive constitutional protection, since it would be by definition anti-constitutional."
    - J.A. MacGuigan in Roach v. Canada, 1994
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    This is what polarization looks like. Since the recession, the systems set up through 40 years of neoliberal political consensus have been at an impasse. They survived the recession itself but have no compelling answer the the deeper problems it revealed--in many places they just doubled-down on policies that even mainstream economists no longer speak about with the absolute faith they did a decade ago.

    This has created a vaccume. Mainstream parties in many places have little support or legitimacy, but are unchallenged enough and have enough bureaucratic weight to maintain their positions-aside from some exceptions.

    So new left-populist parties have found some success, but are unstable and not generally class-based even if workers support them.

    The far right is also gaining larger followings as parts of the middle classes radicalize and look to extreme measures and powerful figures to break the political impasse and restore the economic and social order through force of will--and potentially physical violence and intimidation: fascism.

    For the most part, workers as workers have not weighed in. This is the social force with the popular numbers and social power to actually break the impasse by offering a working class alternative to austerity and decline of cities and towns.

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