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    Default Computers vs Capital - How to beat out capitalism by buying used laptops

    Let's say you're on the hunt for a new computer. You have two choices

    1. Buy directly, or indirectly from a company.
    2. Buy from a previous owner.

    Buying Online

    With these two choices, how do you avoid funding the capitalist? It's simple, go with choice number 2. When in need for a computer, look around website like Ebay and Craigslist, and buy from single people. You can get the devices for cheaper, and not put money in the pocket of some capitalist. They may not be new, or in the best condition. But, if you buy a part or computer that can be repaired, you can do it yourself with some parts that I suggest you buy used.

    Be sure to remember...

    • Don't buy from "single-capitalists", people that sell their electronics with employees that they profit from.
    • Don't buy "factory refurbished". Even if they're used, you're giving money to the capitalists.
    • Make sure they're in serviceable condition. Don't buy beat up laptops. You may be buying used, but you have standards.

    Buying offline

    When you buy offline, do not buy form thrift shops. While they certainly are cheaper. You're giving money to capitalists, or, taking something that may be necessary for a person in a lesser material position then you. Alternatively, look for yard sales or bazaars. They have computers for the same price, or cheaper. But they may not be in as good of a condition as online, or at a thrift shop.

    Operating Systems

    When using an operating system, do not use Windows and give the Capitalists your data. Instead, use a Gnu/Linux distro. Such as...

    - Manjaro (for all levels)
    - Arch Linux (for advanced users)
    - Debian (for intermediate-advanced users)
    - Linux Lite (for beginners)
    - Zorin OS (for beginners)
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    This is decent advice -- I'll add that there are now also *tablet PCs* and *stick computers* that are well under $100 new, and are fully capable for most people's needs (non-processor-intensive, as for web browsing, email, word processing, simple spreadsheets, etc.)

    I wouldn't get too concerned about supposed 'ethics' of consumption, though, since such is *rarely* coordinated (boycotts), and the point of our revolutionary politics is to collectively control the social *production* of whatever, since many types of workers are brought together into 'pipelines' for the forced-collaborative production of whatever goods and/or services.

    For those with some time on their hands you may want to install Linux Mint, though really it's basically non-technical and a quick, automated installation from DVD for anyone these days onto any regular desktop or laptop (preferably 64-bit, which is now the norm).

    If one wants to get a *little* technical, there's a good technique described here:

    HOWTO: Create & Use a Separate DATA Partition
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