I don't really have much to add here, but I think that Veganism should be the norm after the revolution. I consider myself a speciesist and aren't particularly fond of animals, but I cannot justify the potential pain they feel, for the taste of their flesh (whether they are autonoma seems improvable to me). Vegan advocacy within the current system isn't something I necessarily oppose, but I would encourage my comrades to focus upon raising class-conciousness and anti-capitalist action.

I have noticed a lot of hostility in this thread towards the Vegans and it is both unnecessary and ridiculously transparent. If you want to eat meat, it just seems reasonable to me to be honest about it and not to paint Vegans as awful people, or to assume particular standards that they do not adhere to.

I haven't really put a lot of thought into how we should treat animals as Communists, but my initial impulse is to just leave them alone. No pets, livestock etc., unless it was the case that they were necesarry. It has pretty much been proven that human beings can get sufficient nourishment from a plant-based diet and many diseases have been linked to the consumption of animal products. Just my thoughts, please inform me if I am being bourgeois or reactionary
You are being neither bourgeois or reactionary. People who turn all hostile and will name you bourgeois or reactionary for saying that suffer from cognitive dissonance and try to make up anything to make their selves feel comfortable.