Thread: What can we as individuals do to further the cause?

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    Default What can we as individuals do to further the cause?

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    In my experience, joining a (obviously revolutionary left) political organization of any kind (an anarchist syndicate, in my case) is a good first step and a lot flows from there. Even if you don't agree 100% with them - it gets you involved. If you have the time, that is.

    As individuals we cannot do much. That is simply not how class struggle works...

    Active workplace propaganda might be one thing you can do more or less individually, but it's a bit of a dance on the razor blade.
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    Join an organization. Party, union, etc. and be active in it. Organize your workplace. Study. You can find the time.
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    Be careful about the organization you pick to join though, if you choose to join one. Most of them are just time- and energy consuming sects with a lot of arbitrary rules and "obligations". They usually have no relevancy anyway except in their own delusionary collective minds. Be sure to join an organization you agree with on it´s organizational methods; as well as politically and theoretically. Don´t just join the first one or the biggest one. Joining the wrong organization can cause serious disillusionment which can result in aversion and antipathy for socialist politics for a long time.
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    Communize everything you can get your hands on.
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    Whatever it is you choose to do be prepared for many failures and much time wasted. If its a party you join then throw away that checklist of organizational and theoretical perfection you may be hauling around with you because that shit is a fantasy. I hate to say it but sometimes your personal feelings must be sacrificed for the greater good. Or as Billy Bragg says, "...Start your own Revolution and cut out the middle man..". Just do something!
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