Thread: Proving Kony 2012 is a propaganda campaign

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    "The exploited are not carriers of any positive project, be it even the classless society (which all too closely resembles the productive set up). Capital is their only community. They can only escape by destroying everything that makes them exploited...Capitalism has not created the conditions of its overcoming in communism-the famous bourgeoisie forging the arms of its own extinction-but of a world of horrors." -At Daggers Drawn

    "Our strategy is therefore the following: to establish and maintain a series of centers of desertion, or poles of secession, of rallying points. For runaways. For those who leave. A series of places where we can escape from the influence of a civilization that is headed for the abyss." -Tiqqun, Call
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    blogs don't count as sources though
    You should still check it out, because the article is full of links which they used as their sources, so that may be useful to you.
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    Today I saw one of those Kony 2012 posts on the street, and i live in Portugal
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    Would the fact that the Kony 2012 goons go so far as to staple their stupid posters into trees and deface public works of art be relevant?
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    The whole "Cover the night" thing was a giant failure!
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    As far as critiquing the video, you could bring up the fact that it failed to point out that the number of children kidnapped occurred over a period of 26 years, the fact that it only barely mentioned that he was pushed out of Uganda 6 years ago, and that it falsely implied there was a threat of immediate withdrawal of the American troops that were sent to Uganda back in October. Also, the fact that the filmmakers focused more on art design and compiling a hip soundtrack for the movie than attempting to speak with as many Ugandans as possible regarding their views on what should be done points to the clear intention of the filmmakers to appeal to Americans to finance a campaign that, frankly, we don't even know if many Ugandans are in support of. I could be wrong, but from what I remember, the majority of the footage shown was shot in the U.S. The star of the whole video was that douchenozzle of a filmmaker while the villain was Kony (and only Kony). It's like any dichotomous Hollywood movie.

    Oh yeah, you could also point out that the video never once addressed the fact that the president of Uganda (the same president Kony 2012 wants to aid) is also guilty of using child soldiers and mass rape.
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    You seem neat, but...

    They divide us by our color, they divide us by our tongue,
    They divide us men and women, they divide us old and young,
    But they'll tremble at our voices when they hear these verses sung,
    For the Union makes us strong!
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