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    Is Seawater Desalination ‘Green'? 29/03/2010
    An article published in the Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology discusses a general ‘best available technique' (BAT) approach for seawater desalination plants. The authors describe the resource consumption and environmental impact of various methods.

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    Some of the most important work being done in this field is in China. This industry will explode in the coming years. Is it green? With enough demand for better and more efficient green technology today I have to believe that its only a matter of time before it is.
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    Actually, it can be green if properly used. If Evaporators are used for that, none have noticed so far that they produce water vapor in the way and that means the latent heat of vaporization is collected from seawater. If the vapor is then used for electricity generation and condensed after that, they we will get both fresh water and electricity and that certainly will be green.

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