Thread: Left and Right-wing football teams?

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    oh dear looks like the fash are back
    Never again Facsism
    Never again War
    Never again Western League
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    Alexis Grigoropoulos, the kid that murdered from cops was Panathinaikos fan, actually some hours before the incident was in a polo match Panathinaikos-Olympiakos.

    As about Olympiacos fans, for sure the fan clubs don’ t belong to left-side, many golden dawn members in their gate.

    That Grigoropoulos was a fan of Panathinaikos does not mean that Panathinaikos is a left team..
    NOPO (Panathinaikos Nazis) was the only official nazi supporter club in Greece...It is true that many golden members have entered football and Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and other clubs, but the origin of the Piraeus fans were from dock workers and later the most Piraeus fans were supporting PASOK...Ok PASOK are now liberals, but since I am old enough to remember there is no way to say that Olympiakos are rights or facists. For Panathinaikos though I am not so sure, a member og golden dawn was for years leader of gate 13...At the 80's their political difference was stated in their music preferences..Olympiakos fans were listening to Black Sabbath and PAO fans to Motorhead..
    Anyway, I think that in Greece politics and football are not connected but I would say that probably only AEK and Panseraikos have a clearly leftist outlook...
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