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    Default Marketing Scams? The Cobra Group?

    I have a question here for everybody who has ever found themselves working for a Group Called COBRA? Basically, it involves door to door selling.

    Im doing a little nosing around and I heard people talk about their absolutely horrible experiences with the firm.
    Other firms which operate on the same basis include, Gallope, Blue Steel Acquisitions, Excelsior, PM and the RMS marketing groups.

    So far I've heard claims of:

    • No pay for work rendered - Where people worked up to 70 hour weeks and were waiting for pay for a very long time (up to three months)
    • No Basic pay - Workers were made to accept Commission payments Only. I.e sell 40 units of a product to gain €600 etc..
    • The constant promise of a promotion etc...They tell you your moving up the ladder and promote you to be "a leader", even though your on the same level of basic commision - this process is sometimes known in union circles as "blind empowerment" - A very common and nasty tactic.
    • False Advertising- usually on Internet job sites. I.e "Trainee Manager wanted for Professional marketing firm!! 35k+!" when in fact you will never become a manager of any sorts nor will you earn anything near 35k.
    • Making workers arrange their own transport, having advertised that transport is provided. Groups such as these usually jump at anybody who has a drivers license advertised in their CV. I even heard that one guy from Manchester was made drive all the way to huddersfield to do some of this work - without expenses and he even took 3 colleagues with him.
    • Advertising statements such as "be your own boss!" "work your own hours" when in fact your given a roster and your very much under the bosses thumb.
    • Putting MOLES on internet forums which criticise these companies. I've so far seen about 12-15 people I suspect of being moles on various sites -Australian, Irish, UK and US sites...One mole popped up on both the Irish and English forums in question, using the same user name and responding with the same post when members were criticising the COBRA group.

    Basically what im trying to do here comrades, is to dig up more dirt on these "B2B selling" and "marketing" organisations...and im looking for anyone who has experience with these orangisations. I've heard lots of stuff about them, but I want to hear from people here as you guys would be more understanding of Left-wing ideals and see through everything.
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    I worked for OSPIRG right out of high school, and it was almost exactly like this. I actually received more from a class-action lawsuit against them (about $40) than I did in the two weeks I worked for them.

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