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  1. News & Ongoing Struggles

    Discuss political method and news from around the world and how this affects our struggle against capitalism and oppression.

  2. Practice

    A place to discuss tactics and get advice on political organisations, campaigns, and activities. Also a place to discuss the theoretics of applying ideas into practice, and to post propaganda for your political organisation (texts, flyers, posters, videos, etc).

  3. Theory

    A place for indepth discussions on Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Leninism, anarchism, and other politically theoretical topics.

  4. Upcoming Events

    Forum to post upcoming events and call outs.

  5. Social and off topic

    Off-topic talk and discussions.

  6. Learning

    A place for beginners and learners to ask their political questions about theory or specific issues. Don't worry if you think your questions are stupid or pointless, ask away. Learning is not stupid and is never pointless.

  7. Technical Support

    Technical Support Forum for issues related directly to your personal account on this the message board. Also a place to ask "how to?" questions.

  8. History

    Discuss world history from ancient times to the 20th century with a revolutionary viewpoint.

  9. Cultural

    Forum to talk about the cultural side of life. Discuss the topics of literature, films, music, the arts and much more, from a leftist point of view and share your favourite stuff. Also a place to ask for help with, and give others valuable practical tips on writing, painting, photography, making music etc.

  10. Introductions

    For all the new people here, come and introduce yourself. Show us where you live and get to know more about the board. Attention: see stickied announcement about forum specific, stricter rules!

  11. Action & Anti-Fascism

    Discuss anti-fascist politics and ways and tactics to fight fascism. Post anti-fascist actions and events. *No personal information*

  12. Ernesto "Che" Guevara

    A place to ask simple questions about Che Guevara, talk about his life and his role in the Cuban Revolution or his plans for Latin America and the world.

  13. Opposing Ideologies

    Forum for opposing ideologies and beliefs to be discussed; only forum where right-wingers, capitalists, preachers, primitivists, and other restricted members can post. *No Fascists*

  14. Womens' Struggle

    All issues regarding sexism and the fight against it.

    Forum Led by: Quail

  15. Anti-Discrimination

    Forum to address issues of social discrimination; especially those related to gender, sexuality, race, and identity.

  16. RevLeft Announcements & News

    Information from the Admin team.

  17. To: ckaihatsu

    Okay, thanks for the clarification.

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    by ckaihatsu

  18. To: ckaihatsu

    "I haven't been claiming that 'exchange value' and 'value' are different concepts." - i haven't...

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    Sent 2nd July 2017, 18:47

    by Sewer Socialist

  19. To: Sewer Socialist

    I know what I said. I meant what I said. You monster.

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    Sent 1st July 2017, 06:35

    by BIXX

  20. To: BIXX

    > anal diet

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    Sent 1st July 2017, 06:31

    by Sewer Socialist

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  22. Religion

    For religious and theological discussion. Talk about god(s), religion(s), and the rest.

  23. Members: 27

    Discussions: 6 Messages: 9

    Last Post: 21st June 2017 17:12

  24. Members: 12

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  25. Members: 53

    Discussions: 60 Messages: 95

    Last Post: 21st June 2017 12:19

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