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  1. I have recently been interested in Trotskyism, but many Trotskyists out there seem to be very sectarian and only interested in reminiscing over Trotsky and the theory of Trotskyism. Do you have a sort of... questionnaire that could determine whether or not I agree with Trotskyism? I would be most greatful if you could give me some such guidance on the matter.
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    WTF is that image? Superman's fortress of solitude?
  3. Tim Cornelis
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    Stop changing your name
  4. Tim Cornelis
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    who r u?
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    (2/2) When Marxists talk about the political victory of the working class, I think people should be weary. What does that mean? What implication does that have? Historically this has mean the substitution of the class with a small cadre of politicians. Sure, what I'm talking about needs to happen globally, but the production of communism is an economic one, not a political one and relies upon how we relate to communism as a social relationship in our lived lives, not in the realm of bourgeois political structures.
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    (1/2) Your argument takes on the appearance of assuming capitalism to be some physical structure; a complex that we all reside within. It's not. Capitalism is a social relationship (or a mode of production if you prefer). It's a way of managing our means of subsistence. Yes, everything happens within capitalism because that social relationship/mode of production prevails; it determines our material reality, but when that logic breaks down and a communist social relationship or modes of production are produced, that previous social relationship no longer exists -- it is negated.
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    (2/2) The point being that capital is just a social relationship. If that social relationship is under attack or breaks down completely then it no longer exists. You don't need to seize the economy or the state in order to do that. Of course you need to defend yourself, but that comes through the generalisation of these measures. This is where I break with communisation theory, because I believe you need more formal organisation in which to achieve that.
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    (1/2) Okay, I'm not being obtuse, but I don't see how the text you quoted is the same as implying "that communist relations of production can be established voluntaristically within the capitalist society." What it's saying is that looking at the struggle against capitalism as one whereby you seize power to manage the economy is to fail in understanding how capital as a social relation derives its power. You don't break down the logic of capitalism by seizing the economy and re-managing it. You break down the logic of capitalism by producing the logic of communism. You're therefore not producing communism within capitalism, you're negating capitalism by producing communism...
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    "It implies that communist relations of production can be established voluntaristically within the capitalist society"

    I've never come across this view when reading communisation theory. Can you point a text where it says this, either clearly or implicitly because I genuinely don't understand what you mean?
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    Oh right. What is it about communisation theory that makes you think it's "socialism in one country for the hip crowd"?
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