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  1. Loony Le Fist
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    Thanks for the idea of the name Loony Le Fist. I think it sounds great!
  2. Loony Le Fist
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    I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but you rock!
  3. liberlict
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    Sorry for sounding hostile in that thread. I'd been awake for 20 hours and was feeling cranky.
  4. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    Good to see you're still around! I've always found your posts interesting. How goes things?
  5. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    Hmmm... well I've noticed that Revleft's local wiki isn't working. I suppose you could create a blog, that might be more suitable. After all, the definition for a blog is where 'an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis'.

    It doesn't matter to me whether your ideas are orthodox or not, if they explain something and the individual arguments you use stand up to criticism then it's fine.
  6. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    Thank you very much for your posts. They have been quite informative.
  7. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    I just realised I never posted a response directly to you but on my own page instead. Sorry! I'll just re post what I posted before.

    "At this moment in time I am suggesting that principles ought to be developed with the sole purpose of changing how tendencies are depicted. All the tendencies need to be taken less as individual parts in themselves and more as parts of a whole (which is what I meant in my last post). By reinforcing the 'big picture' we can proceed to eliminate as much internal conflict as possible.

    But moving that aside, unless you'd like to add to it, I would like you to explain to me your plans to re-design the infrastructure. It's intriguing. Could you also explain how you use the term 'mathematically'? I assume that on this forum you use it to mean 'rigorously precise' but that's just pure conjecture."
  8. Flying Purple People Eater
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    Hey comrade, you seem very knowledgable in economics. Would you be able to point me to some reads that can describe what happens in our modern market, alongside the jargon that comes with it? My failing point has always been a lack of knowledge about mainstream economics, so I'd be very thankful if you could send some information my way.
  9. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    I agree with your point on the site and altruism. Abide by a general and shared principle that must promote disciplined selflessness, that is to say selflessness that is productive. About the tendencies, what if we accepted them as various methods aimed at reaching one goal and promoted the overarching category that unites the tendencies themselves, as opposed to promoting the actual tendencies themselves. So much squabbling over whether this method is better than that method. Why don't we promote the actual main shared principle and shift left wing mindsets into a more positive and mutual area, so we work together on improving our all our ideas.
  10. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    Both I suppose. I'm against tendencies myself due to their... competitive nature. They are disruptive, wasting the time and energy of people who could instead be doing something useful if they were unified. We don't need to promote one philosophy over another because it incites a club mentality, and club mentalities distort the true objective at times.
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Graphite Art, Web design, Software development
Customer Service Specialist
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"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one"

"Look at the birds: we will see that they eat only as much food as their stomachs can hold. They cannot take more than that; they donít have granaries. Look down at the ants and insects: that is all they can do. Look at the trees: trees imbibe only as much nourishment and water as the trunk can hold, and cannot take in any more than that. Therefore a system in which people cannot encroach on each otherís rights or plunder their possessions is in accordance with nature and occurs naturally, and that is how it has become a society continued to be one, until trees became abundant, animals became abundant, and eventually human beings became abundant in the world. The freedom to hoard was tightly controlled by nature in the form of natural socialism" ~Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, (Buddhist socialist)

the entrepreneur's role is an abstract. he alienates the worker from the "organizational" process to manufacture "consent" to subjugation via an implied "practical hierarchy" that in reality is not economically practical at all, rather it is a means for the entrepreneur to retain value he has not produced himself.

capitalism contends most people cannot organize themselves efficiently, therefore in the mind of a capitalist, they must allow themselves to be subjugated in exchange for plutocratic benevolence, allowing the rich to consume more than it produces. therefore capitalism is subjugation, not an economic system.

I find that beyond social constructs, politics, debate over economic principles and other noise that distorts our parasitic arrangment with the rich, capitalism is artificial scarcity (and the ideology that compells people to utilize artificial scarcity).

This simple mechanism is the mathematical relationship that plays out between the plutocratic class and the rest of humanity.

Market value is what's sought after; a measurement of value that does not reflect the physical value of commodities, essentially the "profit" that cannot be physically manifested without subjecting the majority to artificial scarcity. Therefore, profit, market value and capital are one and the same; they are artificial scarcity.


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one


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